It's In My Blood

Eric Shivvers is a proud member of Chicago's Half Acre Cycling Team. He is a passionate, Cat 3 Masters cyclocross racer, who loves Malort hand-ups.

Eric's Cross Bio

Eric began racing with Half Acre cycling in the summer of 2009.

By the fall of 2012, Eric moved from racing his mountain bike in cross races to a true cross bike.


2014 Results

Campton 1/2/3's

75th out of 80 riders

Caldwell Woods 1/2/3's

79th out of 85 riders: 5 DNFS

Montrose 1/2/3's

60th out of 62 riders: 2 DNFS

Eric in cyclocross action

Off Camber

Off Camber

Being a natural at riding off camber is the biggest challenge to any cross racer.


Mr. Sand Man

Do it right and you will be sitting pretty. Do it wrong and you will be spitting out grit for days.



It's all about the dismount. Carry that ride!

The Start

All about the start

Working your way to the front from the back is tough!

Getting into cyclocross has never been easier.

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Stay Connected With Eric

Contact Eric directly via e-mail at He will send you a pdf of his 2015 fall cross schedule as well as offer assistance to those new to the sport.